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At present, we only provide free online obituaries of current or former residents of the Texas area and surrounding community.
Obituaries are accepted from the funeral homes, crematory society, immediate family members or person designated to represent the family in the arrangements for the deceased's funeral.
Please be aware that we will have to confirm the death with the funeral home or cremation society. We ask you provide the name and phone number of the person assisting you with the funeral arrangements or simply contact your funeral home to ask if they would submit the obituary on your behalf.
Here are some guidelines to keep in mind and the following information needed to place your obituary online: Funeral Home listings are provided by 
Full name of the deceased
Resident of (name of city)
Date of birth Date of death
Date, time and address of visitation/ vigil/ memorial services 
Date, time and address of funeral service
Name of funeral home, name of contact person, phone number
Photo - (optional)
Obituary Person submitting obituary & contact information:
Name, address, phone, email address.
There is no charge to place an obituary, memorial or funeral notice online.
Tip: If the Funeral Home has helped you prepare an obituary just authorize and inform them to email us a copy, along with a photo (optional).
We will place them on the website once recieved.
Email us all the completed requested information at: 
Funeral Homes Register with , ,
Evan Keenan, founder of "Texas Memorials".org,
would like you to take a few minutes to read over Melanie Walters, "Obituaries Help".org  
before starting to write an obituary.
She has written numerous informative articles on the subject of obituaries. 
The following links provide information on how to write an Obituary: 
Obituary Writting Tips How to write an Obituary? 
Avoid Pitfalls when writting Obituaries
How to handle delicate issues when writting Obituaries
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